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3G/1.5G HD-SDI Multiplexer The 3GM is versatile and economical tool for interconnecting dual-link 1.5G SMPTE372M and 3G SMPTE425M. 3GM is bi-directional - allowing dual 1.5G to 3G or 3G to dual 1.5G conversion. Additionally, 3GM's 3G HD-SDI output is configurable for SMPTE425M type A or B. The 3GM can even convert 3G from/to type A or B. 3GM also provides a monitor output which is a single link SMPTE292M 1.5G HD-SDI. The 3GM is also compatible with SMPTE259M 270Mb SDI. Specifications Formats 3Gb, 1.5Gb, 270Mb Auto Select Video Inputs/Outputs 2 HD-SDI, SDI (SMPTE 259/292/296/424), 2x BNC Cable Equalization (1694 Coax) 270mb, 350m 1.5Gb, 200m 3Gb, 120m Input/Output Return Loss >15db, 270Mb - 3Gb Power +5VDC Regulated, 6 Watts, Power Supply Required (sold separately) Size 4.6" x 2.4" x 1" (117 x 61 x 25mm)