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The AJA 1-channel Optical Fiber to SD/HD/3G-SDI Converter accepts 1 simplex fiber connection, automatically detects the input video format, and converts it into a basic SDI signal with a loop-thru SDI output. The converter uses standard single-mode fiber optic cable with LC connector for lowering the signal loss at connection and allows the transport of SD/HD/3G-SDI over distances up to 10km. The input is equalized and re-clocked for maintaining the input signal frame speed. All SDI secondary data including embedded audio is passed through the ASI-compatible converter. Providing electrical isolation, the converter also helps eliminate ground loop problems and comes with a compact and low-profile enclosure. Meeting SMPTE specifications, the converter is tough and suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. Observação! Requires single mode, 1310nm compatible fiber optic cable 1-channel fiber to SD/HD/3G-SDI converter Requires 1 simplex fiber input Automatically detects the input video format Uses LC fiber connector to lower the signal loss at connections Provides basic e loop-thru SDI output Transport of SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G HD-SDI over single mode optical fiber, over distances up to 10km Input equalized and re-clocked for a constant frame speed All SDI secondary data including embedded audio is passed Offers electrical isolation useful for eliminating ground loop problems Comes in a compact, low-profile enclosure for use in tight spaces ASI-compatible Rugged and suitable for indoor/outdoor use and meets SMPTE specifications