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The Sony SR-R1 Portable Recorder for HD-SDI Cameras is a portable I/O device with dual-stream HD-SDI inputs & outputs that's capable of recording both 4:2:2 1080p60 and stereoscopic 3D video (up to 1080p30) to extremely high-capacity SRMemory Cards (sold separately). For cameras such as the Sony F35 and the PMW-F3, the SR-R1 presents a powerful, convenient way to capture advanced formats – in the field or in the studio, with backup recording to the cameras' cards. It even records S-Log data from those cameras.

The SR-R1 also features timecode input & output, dual XLRs for separate analog audio input, and of course embedded SDI audio recording (16 channels at 24-bit). As standard the SR-R1 recorder captures 4R-SR-Lite (220 Mb/s) and SR-SQ (440 Mb/s) – two very high-bit-rate formats that benefit greatly from the huge capacities and expansive bandwidths of SRMemory Cards, which support transfer speeds of up to 5.5 Gb/s.

Observação! Requires SRMemory Cards for operation. All 12-bit and uncompressed format support is forthcoming in 2012.

SRMemory Recording

The SR-R1 records on to SR-MC SRMemory Cards (sold separately), offering massive data capacity and huge sustained transfer rates. SRMemory is unique with its combination of capacity, sustained data throughput, security, and portability. It opens up completely new ways for creatives to work. SRMemory Cards are available in capacities of 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB, combining massive storage capacity with unrivalled levels of data security. The cards can record and replay multiple streams simultaneously and support data rates that can handle up to 4K. SRMemory Cards offer huge transfer speeds – up to 5.5 Gb/s for faster transfer of data in post production and for ultra-fast cloning of data on-set or at a live event. It is possible to record multiple camera streams on to a single card at a live event

HDCAM SR Recording and Replay

The SR-R1 records the same picture quality that has made HDCAM SR the worldwide reference for ultimate quality. SR-Lite (220 Mb/s) and SR-SQ (440 Mb/s) are supported as standard; SR-HQ (880 Mb/s) and uncompressed recording are supported as an option (not included) with the SRK-R311 Uncompressed DPX Recording Option With the SRK-R311 option (not included), the SR-R1 records uncompressed Native DPX file format for a wide range of applications

3D & 2D 4:2:2 and RGB 4:4:4 Recording

The SR-R1 records 4:2:2 2D and 3D as standard, with 3D stereoscopic (dual-stream) mode. Up to 30p RGB 4:4:4 dual-stream is an option (not included). The recorder has a dual HD-SDI / 3G-SDI interface and, with the SRK-R301 option (not included), dual 3G-SDI for an RGB 3D rig

Multiple Frame Rate Recording

The SR-R1 is able to record multiple frame rates working with the PMW-F3 Camera – 17-60 fps in 4:2:2, and 17-30 fps in RGB

Frame-Accurate Recording with SxS Card and SRMemory simultaneously

Operating with the PMW-F3 Camera, the SR-R1 is able to make frame-accurate recordings on both the SxS Card and SR-MC SRMemory Card

Other Features

The SR-R1 recorder also features 16-channel uncompressed audio recording at 23 bits, timecode input & output, a control panel, and DC power operation. Via an optional adapter (not included), you can dock the recorder to Sony camcorders. The SR-R1 also records RGB S-Log data from F35, SRW-9000PL, and PMW-F3 cameras.